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Financial Modeling Simplified

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In this course, we will learn about financial statements and analyze the company/industry performance on the basis of relevant financial parameters. We will build financial models from scratch and project future financial performance as well. We will value companies using different valuation methodologies such as discounted cash flow analysis, price/revenue, and price/equity ratio and study them in detail.

Course Benefits

In this course, we will learn about financial modeling and financial statement analysis from the very basics.

1. In Unit 1, we will learn about commonly used excel functions in financial modeling such as filter and sort, scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, charts, and graphs, etc.

2. In Unit 2, we will learn about financial statement analysis in detail and understand how all three financial statements are interlinked to each other.

3. In Unit 3, we will learn about the fundamentals of financial modeling and its techniques.

4. In Unit 4, we will build a financial model step by step.

5. In Unit 5, we will learn how to value companies using various valuation methodologies.

6. In Unit 6, we will learn and explore other valuation models as well such as a franchise business model, project finance model, and credit analysis model.

7. We will be taking a quiz at the end of each unit as well which will further solidify our concepts.

8. We are offering a comprehensive course on financial modeling at an attractive price.

9. This course is different from other courses as we will learn about the basics of excel, financial statements, valuation methodologies in detail in an easy and understandable way.

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