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Among Us Mod Menu Computer
There were reports of racist as well as political messages being circulated by the hackers with the bots urging people to vote for Trump. Innersloth quickly took note of the issue and fixed it, however it looks like the hack is back.

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Modded/Hacked App: Among Us! by InnerSloth LLC
The spaceship has an obstacle that causes the crew to be trapped in space. Impostors do not let them go back, from that story Among Us was born. Choose the character you want to play, you’ll know what to do next. Download Among Us MOD and do not forget to share with me the fate of your ship in the game screen.
I tried going straight to free mode it doesn’t work.  You need to enter a public match
You can play an Among Us game either online or locally on your network. You can then create a game or join an existing one. There are four maps currently in Among Us:
Go to Settings → Security → Unknown Sources → Turn it ON.
Among Us is a fascinating game acquiring the combo of teamwork and strategical gameplay, played between 4-10 real players. Here, you need to find the imposter with all your crewmates and kick him/her out of the game. But most of the time, it becomes damn hard to play this game because of the cheater teammates and the hacker impostors. There are lots of hackers inside the game who’re all immortal and unable to get kicked.
When entering the game, click the icon on the screen to open the MOD Menu. There are 4 features that the player can actively turn on / off at will. The author of this MOD version is Axey.
With the rise of Among Us, players have been flocking the game and enjoying the rounds that they get to play as the imposter. Many players enjoy playing with multiple imposters to increase their odds of being the bad guy. I personally enjoy being one of 10 players in a lobby with the secret responsibility, with some pretty great methods of playing as the imposter! Today, I’m going to share my secrets to being a really great imposter!
Insurgency – Purchase with Armory Key in the Archives (C5).
Among Us Hack Extension
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When Among Us, a game of deception set in deep space, was first conceived a few years ago, online multiplayer wasn’t in the cards. It wasn’t even going to be on PC. Streamers were the last thing on its developers’ minds. And yet, over the weekend, the game solidified its…
Surely you are too familiar with the game Werewolf, so Among Us’s gameplay does not need to mention too much. And even for beginners, the rules are not too difficult to understand. Because to win, understanding the law is only part, it is important that you have to reason quickly, put your faith in the right place, even deceive people if you are a murderer.
Impostor will not have to do tasks like crewmate but instead are Fake tasks to help you blend into this faction. These Fake tasks you will not need to do, just pretend you are doing, so the taskbar will not increase. 
Common tasks in Mira HQ include the following:
Step 5: After allowing the permissions, press the back button, and again try to install the apk file. This time, it will install without any error.
That’s it! That’s how to mod Among Us in one of the most fun PC games in the world.
Forget Impostors. Among Us Is a Playground for Hackers
Dozens of cheats are present in the following menus.
Among Us is a popular action and role-playing game by Innersloth LLC. It is a multiplayer game. You can play this game with ten people. In this game, you will be on board with a bunch of astronauts.
Rock jabbed at Pinkett Smith’s hair by saying, “GI Jane 2, can’t wait to see it.” On top of the fact that reports have detailed a long history of issues between Rock and the Smith family, Pinkett Smith has been open about living with alopecia, an autoimmune condition that causes hair loss and balding.
“Freek” is right with this Among Us mod. This one lets you add an orange crewmate statue, a Luigi hat from the Mario Bros. universe, a blue hat (scandalous!) and even a COVID-19 hat! There’s also a goofy Henry Stickmin face for your crewmember, along with other crazy fun.
Also, some tasks can only be performed after completing another task beforehand, such as the file transfer task (download and upload).
When we talk about the characters from this game, they are the most iconic ones we could see from the gaming, and they will come to you from the spaceships. These spaceships from the deep will come along with crewmates, and they are mysterious creatures but with cute appearances. They seem like some adorable creatures with weird cosmetics and a wardrobe duo, resulting in a player never forgetting them.
We recommend leaving this setting to 1 for most Among Us games to maintain a good balance and satisfying challenge.
Because of this, I recommend just doing this trophy with 4 people since you will have less total tasks.
I forgot to put his channel link and the hack update video
Step 4: Once you’re back at the main menu, go to “FREEPLAY” and select any map of your choosing.
Ques3: How Can I Request/Report/Update This MOD APK?
– Random Hats [ Visual To You] – Random Skins [ Visual To You] – Random Pets [ Visual To You] – Force Vote [Fake Voted , Others See] – Drunk Mode [See Two Maps, Enable Before Entering Game] – Freeze Light [ Self Explanatory ] Step 3: Now, head over to the file manager and open your downloaded App. If you are installing the App from File Manager for the first time, then it may ask you for some permission.
If you are killed? Don’t leave the game and do not fret! One of the best things about Among Us is that crewmates can come back as ghosts who continues to help their teammates by finishing their tasks.
A new working cheat for Among Us that you can download for free from our website. A unique cheat with good functionality, the developer has collected all the…
Here are some hacks in Among Us that annoy the players the most.
In addition, some short tasks only need a few seconds to perform, eg Diverted power at Electrical, Navigation and Engine rooms; or align the engine output (Align engine output), . If detecting a member standing in these positions for too long, the person is likely to be impostor.
Unofficial app wich tells you wich animals are available in AC-New Horizons+more
10. Fix Sabotage as Ghost // Allows you to do sabotage tasks as a ghost
The Crewmates have to complete mini-game tasks, stay alive while being hunted by the Imposter(s), fix sabotaged areas, and catch the Imposter before everyone is killed or a sabotage countdown goes off. That’s a lot to keep track of, and only being able to communicate during meeting chats can make some of it pretty challenging.
There are various different sabotages including: Reactor Meltdown, 02 Shutdown, Communications sabotage, Lights sabotage, or sabotage teh door.
Practice killing until you’re bored with it, and then try using the vents. If you’re standing near a vent, you can enter it, which will remove you from the map and allow you to travel around unseen (click the arrows to use the vents to move in that direction):
Developers of the game “Among Us” are actively working to combat a hacker that has flooded the app with pro-Donald Trump messages since Thursday.
+ Turn off the lights and close the door when necessary: ​​These 2 disturbances will help you finish your goal neatly, without being detected, use it when the time is up. While the lights are off, crewmate will still be able to observe the security camera, so pay attention to these areas.
Crewmates apply pressure to the Imposters by doing tasks which fill the top left taskbar. Once completely filled – the Crew wins. The Crew can also win by voting out the imposter during each voting segment, which can either be trigger via pressing the red button in the spawning room, or finding a corpse and hitting the horn on their bottom right UI. A powerful tool to find out if someone isn’t an Imposter is to have them do “visual tasks.” Tasks such as shooting the asteroids in weapons will trigger an animation that only Crewmen can activate. If you want this to be part of your game, you have to switch them on in the settings. We will show you how.
Try to perform visual tasks in front of other teammates to prove your innocence, as impostors can not perform these tasks. Visual tasks include Clear Asteroids, Send Scans, Prime Shields and Clear Trash. Similarly, please note if players are trying to simulate these tasks, as this is likely to indicate that they are impostors. Call an emergency meeting immediately if you notice this.
After PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, and Call Of Duty, another game has made gamers antsy. It’s none other than ‘Among Us.’
By Lil-Gameboy123 • Published 13th February 2022
A player with imposter status would kill both other players, and they would be kicked out of the ship if they realized who the imposter was. The game also includes options for sabotage, making it easier to kill and giving you better alibis.
This is a new Mod Manger for the game Among US. With it you will …
Among Us Minnie Hack Free Download, you can trolley your friends and you will be the winner of every round.Among Us Game About:Among since the name suggests is related to some one among us, that thing is an Imposter. Thus,…
You are now ready to download Among Us for free. Here are some notes:
You can’t just kill whenever you want, as there’s a kill cooldown timer. Don’t go in for the kill if it means trailing someone for 15 seconds.
Download Among Us MOD APK (Mod Menu/All Unlocked) – to play with Always imposter, No Ban, VIP, Airship map, custom skins and main theme mods for free.
Hey sir its not real hack this fake hack game done banned for no banned 100% I’m want this no ban no ads no kill cds why not fix this game fix this game
This describes the distance across which an impostor can perform a kill on a crewmate. A larger distance setting for this will benefit the impostors and allow them to kill from farther away. This will make it easier for them to get the jump on enemies, and escape with more ease. However, larger distance settings may also result in crewmates getting killed from distances at which they presume themselves to be safe. This can happen especially when there exists a considerable ping difference between the players, so that the crewmate may see the impostor slightly farther away than they actually are.
Among Us Hack Download Apple
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It will make you the host of the server.

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