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If you are a Wealth Manager, Financial Researcher, Financial Analyst, Financial Advisor’s, Portfolio Manager, Investment Manager, RIA’s, Mutual Fund Distributor, Insurance Consultant, Financial Planner, Banker, Broker, Academician or student of Finance you should join the AAFM® Finance Club.


You need to do everything you can to develop your personal brand and domain awareness if you want to grow in banking, wealth advisory or finance. Membership of the finance club is another way of showing your clients prospective employers your interests.

It won’t immediately take you through to the next stage, but every little step helps when it comes to building up your image as a top finance professional!.


You can register for the AAFM® Finance Club by filling the Form and paying the requisite Annual Membership Fees. There is no pre-qualification to join the Club. .


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Sudhir Sinha
Regional Head, Bonanzaonline com

CWM certification will further strengthen my knowledge and value addition in my career .Since I have done M.B.A (Finance), CFP CM ,and also having 17 years of working experience ,it will sharpen my acumen.

Good Support

Rameshkumar Soankamble
Assistant Vice-President

In present scenario employers are looking for candidates who hold chartered degree and at the same time we require global markets knowledge as they rapidly change with globalization so to keep pace with markets CWM certification helps us to gain knowledge and embrace ourselves with international resource of knowledge

Good Support

Prashant Gupta
Associate Vice President, Motilal Oswal Securities

Even after having 10yrs of experience in financial market, CWM course helped to learn details of entire financial market Financial Planning, Taxation, Alternate Products, Behavioral Finance etc. The learning are very useful in my current job role & future perspectives.

Good Support

Chandan Ghosh
Managing Partner, Prudent Life

Chartered Wealth Manager degree will definitely give me an extra added advantage over my working experience in Financial Market. During my preparation period for the course I have garner many knowledge about Wealth Planning for investor , about there need analysis and most important about the behaviour of the investor

Good Support

Deepak Singh
Executive Vice President India Infoline Group

CWM Certification is very relevant to the industry as these are hardly any certifications in India for Wealth Managers. The course content is quite extensive & Covers all the areas. I am confident that this course (Certification) will help in getting better Jobs.

Good Support

Rajesh Saluja
CEO & Managing Partner Ask Wealth Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

CWM is an internationally renowned and recognized certification. The program is quite comprehensive and is customized to the requirements of the Indian Wealth Management industry. It enables the candidates to meet the current skills sets needed in order to become a knowledgeable and trusted advisor.

Good Support

J. Parthasarthy
Director Finplan India, Chennai

CTEP covers comprehensively all across of Estate Planning and is suitable for practical use in India the certificate holder can service the client base with great benefits to the clients.

Good Support

Sonali Pradhan
Associate Director Royal Bank of Scotland, Gurgaon

Highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to understand domestic & international estate planning landscape. The course material is very comprehensive of well thought through. It has given me a good perspective of inheritance laws in Singapore. UK & USA.Looking forward to updating my profile with CTEP accreditation.

Good Support

Ashutosh Kumar
Head (Billing & Operations) Interocean Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Since the first moment, I decided to pursue AFA®, I came to AAFM, I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The faculty and staff at this institution are top rate. They all want their students to do well. This institute has so many opportunities for the students to get the help they need. Faculty helped me beyond words I can say. This institute keeps the student first. You will not be let down. I really believe it is a privilege to come to this institute and I am so glad I made that decision.

Good Support

Abhijit Mahapatra
Citigold Relationship Officer Citibank India

I had wonderful experience in terms of support and coaching from AAFM team for AFA®. The study material and webinar recordings are really helpful in preparing for the exam. All these study material can be accessed in offline mode also. Their service is highly recommendable. Keep up the good work

Good Support

Guarav Tiwari
Investment Banker & Economic Analysts, State Street Bank, Boston

I picked up valuable skills in the area of econometrics, monetary policy, and international finance. I am grateful to AAFM India, for their guidance and excellent academic training that has helped me in my nascent career. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of Chartered Economist Certification in helping me to find a job.

Good Support

Klaus Adam
Professor of Economics at Mannheim University

AAFM offered an extremely stimulating academic environment but also much in terms of cultural and personal development. I can only recommend students seeking to Chartered Economist Certification in Economics to apply to this programme.

Good Support